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Jogging 4 Jaden

August 25, 2009

Jogging 4 Jaden Marathon Team

With September peering its head out from around the corner, we’re all looking forward to a fun Fall — filled with activities and excitement. Without a doubt, our most exciting event on the calendar right now is the CJ Strides for Babies “walk event” we will be hosting in 3 locations (NJ, NY, MD) just a few weeks from now. As the event nears, many of our sponsored walkers are wondering how best they can raise funds for their teams to meet and even surpass their donation goals. We’ve fielded so many inquiries into this matter that we thought it might be helpful to get some extra special input. So we asked NJ Marathon runner Aliyah Cox, who successfully raised over $6,000 for her baby Jaden in May 2009, if she wouldn’t mind writing us a small piece for us to pass on to our registrants. This was her response: (more…)

Transparency = Trust

May 14, 2009

Transparency Builds Trust

We often talk about the importance of donations to our organization and how without them, we could never wish to accomplish the goals we have set out to achieve. And while we do report on the findings of research funded by those donations and the success(es) of various initiatives there-in, we don’t often give line-by-line announcements of how every dollar was spent (because, well, finances are boring). Despite the lack of discussion however, you may be surprised to find that financial transparency is something we take very seriously at the CJ Foundation for SIDS and has been a longstanding tradition in our operations. We always work hard to make as much information available as possible to anyone who comes looking for it and we tend to think we’ve done pretty well. Apparently, we’ve been doing even better than we thought! (more…)

The Results Are In: Donors Still Awesome

March 20, 2009

Thanks for adding to our piggy bank!

We’ve just received word of the latest poll conducted by Cygnus research and all it does is confirm the rock solid fact that American donors are some of the best people on the planet. As reported by the wonderful staff at, of the 17k+ donors surveyed, only 17% indicated that they would be donating less than they had in 2008. This minuscule downturn comes alongside the whopping 52% who declared that their donations would be “on par” with the previous year’s generosity. We’re both impressed and excited with the news of these encouraging numbers and we thought that posting this small “thank you” was the least we could do. We know it’s rough out there these days and our effectiveness is entirely dependent upon you. Thanks for adding to our piggy bank — we’re sure the rest of the SIDS community thanks you too!

[Cygnus Poll Review @]

Vroom Vroom…

February 8, 2009

Mercedes 2009 C300 Sport Sedan

Raffle contests don’t typically offer brand new luxury vehicles as prizes for their participants, but as with most SIDS related fund raising events, this one is particularly special. The CJ Foundation for SIDS and the Tomorrow’s Children Fund have teamed up in an effort to support the fights against Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Childhood Cancer. As the picture suggests, one lucky ticket holder will soon be the proud owner of a brand new 2009 Mercedes C300 Sport Sedan.

The contest will be running from now until February 24th. Each ticket is on sale for $100 and only 1,500 will be sold. All proceeds will benefit both the CJ Foundation for SIDS and the Tomorrow’s Children Fund. Click the link below to participate and good luck to all!

[Raffle Ticket Link]

[Update 3/13/09] Congratulations to the holder of ticket #0371. You’ve won yourself a new ride! Thanks again to all who participated and be sure to check back as always for more opportunities to contribute

It’s Bear (Giving) Season

February 7, 2009

Valentine Bears

If you’ve taken a look at your calendar lately, you’ve probably noticed that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Valentine’s Day is usually a fun time for everyone as we get closer to the one’s we love and share our heart-shaped appreciation. Linda Coletti and the Toy Loft of East Aurora, NY are taking a unique approach to sharing their appreciation by hosting the “Choose Teddy” fund raising campaign for SIDS research. Each year, the “Choose Teddy” campaign offers a selection of teddy bears to be given as gifts for Valentine’s Day in memory of Linda’s nephew, Teddy McEvoy. The cuddly bears featured above come in four different sizes and each is adorned with a “Choose Teddy” ribbon to commemorate the occasion. They will be on sale throughout the month of February and all proceeds will benefit the CJ Foundation for SIDS. Click the link below to visit the online storefront and “Choose Teddy” for your favorite Valentine.

Choose Teddy Storefront Link:

*As of this posting – Feb 7th – the site currently reports $0.00 in sales. All help is appreciated*

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