Attachment Parenting: Sorry to Offend

The Consumer Reports Safety Blog that we referenced in our latest post has generated quite a bit of attention from the reading public. As of today, Five products not to buy for your baby is sitting under a pile of 133 comments, many of which contain some unanticipated backlash from offended parents all throughout the country. Apparently, the main problem with Consumer Reports’ latest advice is that it directly conflicts with the views and recommendations of Attachment Parenting advocates (a group that emphasizes “round-the-clock” closeness to infants). While we won’t get into detail over the exact statements that were posted in the comments (though feel free to explore this issue yourself by clicking the link at the bottom of the post) what we will say is this: infant safety is and always has been our top concern. We want everyone to have intimate, nurturing relationships with their children and we know there are a number of ways to achieve that. However, if there is sufficient research or data that lead to recommending a certain product, method, or lifestyle change over another, we won’t be afraid to make that recommendation. We hope that we haven’t offended anyone out there yet but if you ever feel uneasy about something you read here on the blog, our homepage, or elsewhere, why not drop us a question? We’re always here to answer them.

Consumer Reports vs Attachment Parenting @ New York Times

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